Treasure hunts are good fun for all ages. We design treasure hunts for corporate events and parties. They are a lot of fun and a good team building exercise. They also promote lateral and logical thinking.
We design the full hunt for you. The area is split up into different sections and is carefully organised so all teams walk the same distance but are not going round in a single large crowd. The clues are carefully and cleverly thought out. The whole event is hosted by a costumed character in theme with the days activities. All props, maps and equipment are provided. We can also provide the venue or provide a custom hunt for the venue of your choosing.
This is a superior treasure hunt, the clues are in a class of their own and the preparation immaculate. Book now for the ultimate professional treasure hunt experience.
A simpler hunt can also be constructed for younger groups.

Service includes:

  • Prehunt Treasure Scroll sent as an e-mail attachment or circular letter to fire up enthusiasm among the participants.
  • Immaculate preparation so the treasure hunt will go as smoothly as possible.
  • The venue if requested.
  • Full Hosting of the event in character. The host will meet and greet the guests as they arrive, give an entertaining introductory talk and answer any questions. The host will also greet the guests as they arrive back from the hunt and be available to give out any prizes you may wish to give out.
  • Clipboards, pens, maps and clue sheets (with spaces for answers).
  • Full marking and scoring of all participants answer sheets.

Types of clues:

  • Rhyming Couplets:To give the Hunt a fun feel some of the clues are written as perfectly scanning little rhymes.
  • Cryptic teasers:
    " It sounds like the former PM was leading horseman"
    Answer at bottom right of page.
  • Digitally altered photos:

    What the heck is it?
    Answer at bottom right of page.
  • Observational clues
  • Anagrams: Fun word-play relating to the surroundings

Suitable for many events and occasions

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Cryptic Clue: The answer was
a sign on route which read
"Major Road Ahead"

Photo Clue: The picture was of
a speed sign taken at an
obscure angle then
enhanced by photoshop